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September 7, 2007

LOTD for September 7

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A conference has been going on yesterday and today over the classified “A-space” Facebook-inspired system for the intelligence community:

ITT Corp chosen as prime contractor for the ADS-B program, using GPS instead of radar for air traffic control. This contract is worth $1.8 bil!

China closed 400 heavy polluters and fined a bunch of others, trying to crack down on pollution:

Year-round consumption of leafy greens (lettuce, spinach) is making it more difficult to avoid food poisoning:

Nice summary of the new Apple products, including its iTouch–basically, an iPhone without AT&T’s cellular network and without the camera:

Apple is giving $100 credits for the Apple stores to those that bought the iPhones before the price was dropped:

The city of Champaign is getting an outdoor WiFi solution using adaptive beamforming smart antennas from Go Networks (NextWave):

Projections are for LTE to dominate the world’s broadband market starting 2011, which leaves a reduced window of opportunity for WiMAX:

Iridium is doing so well with their new business model that they are planning an IPO soon! Good news for the people who picked Iridium up for pennies on the dollar after its bankruptcy…too bad for Motorola who lost their $5 bil investment before bankruptcy:

Debate over GPS being installed in NY cabs–the news in DC had a lot of information about the 2-day strike the cabs were having:

This columnist really went off on Microsoft after it finally released the schedule (not SP1 itself, but the schedule for SP1) for its SP1 release:

Battle of the Ulus: Lulu is suing Hulu:

Fanboy makes a Motorola phone into a Transformer! It supposedly can still make phone calls:


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