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September 11, 2007

LOTD for September 11

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Six years after 9/11 we see a recent GAO report indicating that more than 4 years after it was established the Department of Homeland Security is nowhere near where it should be as an agency. The conclusion here is that if DHS was a college student, it would be on academic probation:

Some people are VERY worried about threats to the US from a cyberspace attack:

The House is considering requiring a paper record for electronic voting machines:

TV broadcasters are lobbying against the Microsoft/Google/Intel/Dell “white space” wireless internet service plan:

6th generation Bluetooth slashes power needs and provides toll quality voice:

Peer-to-peer cellular communications (no base station needed!) system being developed:

Analyst report concludes that WiFi Mesh Networking will grow quickly until 2009, when the growth will begin to slow:

Qualcomm lost their Motorola account to Freescale for now, TI in the 2nd half of 2008:

Note: The article basically states that Motorola liked Qualcomm’s technical solution better, but that TI is cheaper.

NTP is suing AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint over patent infringement claims similar to those that they filed against RIM…they want royalties from all the cellular carriers. Of course, the patents have already been rejected by the USPTO, but they will still remain valid until the appeals process is over. So, this is NTP’s last chance to cash in on their invalid patents:

Analog Devices is selling its cellular chip assets for $350 mil to Mediatek:

Apple says that it has sold 1 mil iPhones:

Note: Remember that all the the iPhones shipped to AT&T stores are considered “sold” by Apple…and if you want into AT&T stores you’ll see iPhones available.

Good news for Intel, outlook raised to $9.4 to $9.8 bil in the 3Q, up from $9 bil to $9.6 bil:

The House passed the patent reform bill, supported by large tech companies like Microsoft and IBM:

Note: One big change is that the US would be going to the first-to-file system that the rest of the world uses instead of the first-to-invent system in use now only in the US.

The patent reform bill faces aggressive opposition in the Senate:

Wikipedia is blocked from China again:

The EU is talking about banning web searches for bomb-making instructions:


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