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September 12, 2007

LOTD for September 12

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Elbit just was awarded an additional $300 mil for the Israeli Digital Army Program. The money is from the US Foreign Military Financing (FMF) agency, and EFW (Elbit’s US subsidiary) will be the prime, with Rafael and Tadiran (also members of the Elbit family) as subcontractors. FMF had already awarded Elbit/EFW $130 mil, I believe this money is in addition to that:

BAE received $49 mil from the Navy for a surveillance sensor system that can rapidly identify and track concealed targets:

Note: It is interesting to read about BAE’s DoD technology incubator in Honolulu, where all of this work will be performed.

UK-based QinetiQ (clever name) tested its Zephyr UAV at White Sands, and it broke the world record for the longest unmanned flight…54 hours when the previous record was 30:24 by Northro’s Global Hawk:

Note: Interesting design that uses rechargeable solar powered batteries (from Arizona-based Sion Power) and a solar aray (by Michigan-based United Solar Ovonic), plus a QintetiQ-developed autopilot.

Russia successfully tested the world’s biggest conventional bomb, with “bunker-busting” and other potential applications, that has the power of a nuclear bomb and is 4x as powerful (44 metric tons of TNT equivalent) as the the US-built Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb:

China says that terrorism is the biggest threat to a successful 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing:

The FCC finally approved the rules for the 2009 digital TV transition (note that analog customers have to be supported until 2012):

Price cut resulted in 3x increase in iPhone sales, and it apparently took the price cut for it to hit its 1 mil iPhone sales mark it has promised:

Global CDMA users pass 400 mil:

IBM’s new chip technology is expected to take $1 off the cost to make mobile devices:

Brain activity study found that frequent cell phone users had slowed brain function but better focused attention (concentration):

Google is now running Adwords within Google Mobile search results:

Moller International has a 2-person flying saucer available for commercial sales:

Interesting column speculating on whether or not the $100 Apple store credit for early iPhone buyers was planned well in advance by Apple:

Interesting how caffeine and exercise may reduce the risk of skin cancer:


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