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September 13, 2007

LOTD for September 13

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North Korea may be helping Syria make a nuclear facility in Syria:

And it looks like Israeli commandos somehow got near enough to the nuclear facility in Syria and directed laser-guided munitions to destroy the facility, leaving a “big hole in the ground”:

After this happened, Syria appears to have placed an $8 mil order with Magal (a company with a perimeter defense solution, which happens to be an Israeli company) to protect several of their military facilities.

Sadly, 2 of the 7 US soldiers who wrote a NY Times Editorial questioning the way that the war was going were killed in Iraq in a vehicle accident:

Lockheed got a patent awarded for a liquid antenna:,262,734.PN.&OS=PN/7,262,734&RS=PN/7,262,734

Amazing news: Qualcomm won a 9- to 18-month reprieve on the ban on importing its chips, preventing the ban until the appeals process is over and giving them a lot of time for a workaround for Broadcom’s patents:;_ylt=AgqumE9Wl_97rwOZQVwzYRAjtBAF

Alcatel Lucent’s 2nd profit warning this year wiped off $2 bil (12.5%) from its market cap this morning:

The FCC annouced yesterday that it would permit smaller antennas for 11 GHz backhaul, enabling the use of a range of fixed microwave solutions:

Agilent introduces its one-box tx/rx test solution for 16e:

Broadcom announces its single-chip cual-band WiFi/Bluetooth solution that is 40% smaller and uses half the power of previous solutions:

ICO and Clearwire announce a joint agreement to work together for mobile video:

Vodaphone is launching a consumer-targeted Palm Treo smartphone, with a price of $41 instead of $680 for the enterprise-targeted Treo…it doesn’t have a touchscreen or HSDPA, but what a price difference!

Palm stockholders approved a partial sale of the company for $325 mil to Elevation Partners:

The Chinese government is letting HP sell more smartphones in China:

The 2008 Beijing Olympics will not be using the latest in technology (XP instead of Vista, all wired networking instead of wireless, WAP instead of GPRS):

Note: I found it interesting that Lenovo (the laptop guys) designed the Olympic torch for China.

Wikipedia published its 2 millionth article:

Google’s founders now have their own private NASA runway! I knew them when they were grad students before they even thought about what became Google…amazing how far they have come!:

LG has the prada phone…now Samsung has the Armani phone:

The Nintendo Wii is now #1 in global console sales. Look how much inventory Microsoft has sitting on the shelves with the Xbox 360! The Xbox 360 has been on the market for 1 year longer than the Wii (sold for 9 months now):

This blogger is a US soldier in Iraq and he writes about some amazing things. His “Two Companies Clearing Baqubah” paragraph really disturbed me:

A senior police officer in the UK is on trial for bringing a woman to his office to have sex while on duty…his defense was that he had his radio on all the time:


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