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September 14, 2007

LOTD for September 14

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UK UAV uses flying saucer technology, and has already been demonstrated in outdoor tests, and can take off vertically, fly where directed, hover, and land where directed:

I’ve heard of wind energy, but never knew that people have actually deployed (off the coast of Newport, Oregon) wave energy converters–commercial electricity generation from ocean waves!

Rockwell is going to sell military GPS technology to commercial customers, with the same functions and durability of the military versions:

In the UK, there are 45 mil adults…and 70 mil cell phones (1.6 phones per adult)!

Verizon sued the FCC over its open access rules for the 700 MHz auction:

Google responded to Verizon’s lawsuit:

Kyocera may be buying Sanyo’s cell phone business:

Sprint may finally be ready to listen to activist investors–projections of them losing 200k subscribers in the 3rd quarter instead of the expected 15k increase in subscribers helped them decide things needed to change:

Apple is expected to sell 3 mil iPhones by the end of the year, good for AT&T because 45% of iPhone buyers come from other celluar carriers:

Article about WiMAX possibilities for the 700 MHz spectrum auction:

San Francisco officially ends its plans for public WiFi–Earthlink already pulled out and the lobbyists were fighting against it anyway in SF:

Motorola’s RAZR2 and Q9m both got bad reviews here:

Google is offering $30 mil for private groups to send robots to the Moon:

Gas Station TV wants to install TV screens at every gas pump in the US:

Body sensor network research has developed a hearing aid-like sensor that can significantly boost the performance of an athlete while training:

The $100 laptop project now is targeting $188 per laptop:

Peru’s blood banks are now closed because a number of people have been infected with HIV and Hepatitis C through contaminated transfusions:

U.K. foot-and-mouth outbreak is the same strain as last month’s, so it might be contained in a small region. If final testing finds that it is a different strain, then lots of livestock in the UK would need to be lost:


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