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September 18, 2007

LOTD for September 18

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Amazing bottle is able to clean and purify water, perfect for disaster recovery and military applications, is able to filter out viruses without chemicals:;jsessionid=3R3S1NAZ1X2NVQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/09/12/nwater112.xml

Growing interest in using nuclear power for desalination, with primary target market the Middle East (do we really want to promote more nuclear power use there?):

“unfathomable” information security breach results in nearly all Connecticut’s government bank accounts being vulnerable, social security numbers for dozens of Connecticut’s taxpayers vulnerable…Accenture has many big contracts from Connecticut but I’d hate to be their sales person when those contracts are over!

QinetiQ demonstrated their water-jet-propelled fast unmanned seacraft:

The Army is worried about suicide truck and car bombs, so it funded inventor Charles Marsh, who came up with basically an elephant trap for unauthorized vehicles:

Note: A link for the full patent application is included in the article. If you look at the 2nd invention discussed it sounds like Landroid–robots communicating and working together has apparently been done at MIT.

More information on the swarms of robots is at this MIT page, the work was funded by SPAWAR:

3G iPhone with GPS coming early next year:

AT&T is apparently planning to offer WiMAX service in the Southern part of the US, using 2.3 GHz spectrum from its BellSouth acquisition for DSL-replacement WiMAX:

Microsoft lost BIG in its EU anti-trust ruling, here is some analysis:

T-Mobile bought former AT&T Wireless affiliate SunCom for $1.6 bil:

Broadcom joined the Linux Mobile Foundation:

Willie Lu has talks about his 4G Mobile Forum (I actually went to 3 of his previous conferences and spoke at 2 of them):

Note: By the way, Willie is a friend of mine and I even got him to teach classes for me at SCU. I’ll be contacting him in a day or so to inquire about opportunities for my new company with his commercial contacts.

Analysts predict that MetroPCS will end up buying Leap Wireless by Thanksgiving:

The Silicon Valley WiFi project is behind schedule:,137233-c,wirelesstechnologyservices/article.html#

Disney Mobile’s MVNO seems to be struggling, as most MVNOs:

More Vista problems reported:

August sales figures show the effect of the $50 price cut for Xbox and $100 price cut for PS3…Wii still dominates, Xbox sales up (about 100,000), and PS3 sales finally went above the Game Boy Advance (but PS3 sales were less than the previous month despite the cut):


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