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September 19, 2007

LOTD for September 19

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Think-A-Move has created robots that allow robots to be controlled through vocal commands, keeping hands free:

The same technology could be used for vocally-controlled wheelchairs:

Lots of news about the air Strike by Israel to destroy an alleged nuclear facility in Syria (being set up by North Koreans):

Israel used the F-15E (they bought 21 of them for just over $2 bil) for the raid, specially modified (by Elisra) for Israeli needs:

Very interesting story about the analysis being done on IEDs:

US Air Force unveils its micro UAV:

US Army bought 3000 small robots (for $280 mil) from Robotic FX to clear caves and search for explosives in the warzone, iRobot claims Robotic FX stole its stuff:

Bad news that the counter-IED jammers have been so successful that now Iraqi IEDs have gone so low-tech (copper wires) that they are not detectable anymore:

Officers don’t have to tour the battlefield anymore…they can take “virtual tours”:

The FCS UAV family includes the Organic Air Vehicle (OAV), it can become a sentry for troops:

DARPA and the Air Force signed a MOU on a project to build a hypersonic vehicle that takes off and lands like an aircraft (HTV-3X, called the Blackswift). $1 bil for 2 prototypes is pretty pricy…no wonder why the Air Force resisted signing on. The Blackswift is supposed to do a barrel roll at Mach 6 for no real technical reason…Tony Tether decided he wanted it to be able to do so:

Video of why soldiers stay way behind when robots try to disarm IEDs:

Israel-based InRob Tech plans to use its advanced military wireless and remote control systems for civilian applications. Their first product is a new hot water heating control unit (can be programmed to provide specific quantities of hot water at specified times of the day):

Digging robot based on the European mole is being built by researchers to try to seek out survivors at disaster sites:–.html

Apple’s new Video Nanos broke existing hacks and locked out Linux users…for a few days until these hackers cracked Apple’s code:

British perspective on the announcement that O2 will have the iPhone in the UK…O2 must have been really desparate because they apparently agreed to give Apple *40%* of the call revenue from the iPhone! 40%!!! No wonder Vodafone passed on the iPhone!

WiFi-enabled BlackBerry also has GPS capabilities:

IBM announced a system-on-a-chip breakthrough for multi-band cell phones, reducing cost, heat, power, signal loss, and dropped calls if it works:

12 governors sent an open letter to Congress requesting that the H-1B cap and the green card cap be raised:

Microsoft is pushing Silverlight to compete with Adobe’s Flash:

Big problem raising capital for satellite companies…apparently, the satellite sector’s investment money has been invested in subprime loans, which are tanking now:

Google is rumored to be looking to make a 3G Gphone–if they do 3G at launch they will use Qualcomm chips, if they do EDGE at launch TI will be used:

Google introduces Gadget Ads…draggable between websites:

GodTube is the fastest growing internet site in the US:

Longest phone call lasted over 40 hours!


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