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September 24, 2007

LOTD for September 24

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PDF files can pose a dangerous risk to computers running Windows XP:

Up to 100,000 Vista laptops made in Germany were shipped with the Stoned virus, whiich both Vista and the Bullguard antivirus software failed to remove:

The Australian military paid $1.1 mil last year for boob jobs, tummy tucks, nose jobs, and other cosmetic surgery for their troops:,22049,22464068-5006010,00.html

Apparently the US military has a similar plastic surgery benefit–though I’m surprised at how many liposuction procedures our military is paying for. The rumors that some recruiters tell female recruits about the free boob jobs as a recruitment enticement is pretty disturbing, but I’m (almost) sure that isn’t true:

UMB specification published, the CDMA2000 upgrade has a peak download rate of 288 Mbps, upload rate of 75 Mbps, uses OFDMA, SDMA, MIMO, and beamforming:

Very interesting article discussing why Google wants to form its trans-Pacific cable consortium:

Note: I remember when Yahoo! was the established company and Google was just starting…now, Google is worth $174 bil and Yahoo! is worth $35 bil…

NextWave lost $59.5 mil in their last quarter, a big increase from previous losses:

Myspace is coming out with a cell phone version:,1,3253828.story?coll=la-headlines-business

Time Warner is trying to find someone to buy the US AOL dial-up business (they already sold it off in Europe):

AT&T is trying finally going to start delivering on HSUPA:

So far I’ve counted 5 law firms who have filed class action lawsuits vs. Orbcomm:

MIT student (who is from Hawaii) was arrested outside of Logan Airport…Boston officials were not amused at the device strapped to her chest with LEDs blinking, plus the play-doh she was carrying that looked like plastic explosives:


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