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September 25, 2007

LOTD for September 25

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DHS records are kept for 15 years on the travel habits of Americans (flying, driving, and cruising), who they travel with, the personal items they bring, and what books they travel with:

The UAV helicopter will get to the field earlier than planned:

The former head of ARPA (what is now DARPA) had some interesting things to say:

The US Africa command won’t actually live in Africa…they will be in Germany:

$2 mil in earmarks from the DoD is going to study yoga, bioenergy, and alternative medicines…run by Broadcom’s Chair and his wife. I’m sure their big campaign contributions had nothing to do with the earmarks…

WiFi mesh networking solution demonstrated for both rail and military applications (even under high mobility!):

Echostar (Dish Network) bought Sling Media (Slingbox):

Microsoft is looking to buy a stake in Facebook as part of its strategy to avoid falling further behind Google:

Facebook is in similar trouble now to what Myspace had before on predators going after minor via their site:

Unisys (they have a $1 bil security contract) is in trouble for not detecting the hacking of Homeland Security computers, where the information stolen was sent to a Chinese language website:

I think 7 law firms have now filed class action lawsuits vs. Orbcomm (related to statements before Orbcomm’s IPO). The IPO was to raise money for GEN2…

More on the $916 Armani phone, with haptics:

Two women robbed a gas station…dressed as ninjas with swords and daggers:


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