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October 2, 2007

LOTD for October 2

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Security officials at LAX are using software to place random security checkpoints to make things more difficult for terror surveillance:

The 3Com deal is going to really be scrutinized because Chinese company Huawei would own about 20% of 3Com (3com supplies sensitive intrusion protection technologies to the DoD):

Nokia offered $8.1 bil for Navteq, Garmin shares fell because people had assumed that Garmin would buy Navteq…Nokia’s shares fell also because investors feel they overpaid:

Microsoft is apparently introducing the Zune 2 today…it reportedly look quite similar to the iPod Nano. It must really bug Microsoft that the iPod outsells the Zune 25:1!

Wii sales in Japan are 4x the PS3 for April-Sept…though at least the PS3 is far above the Xbox 360 in Japan:

EBay finally admitted that it grossly overpaid for Skype, taking a $1.43 bil charge related to that 2005 acquisition. Instead of the $1.7 bil in incentives Skype shareholders could have made (in addition to the $2.6 bil purchase price), they will get $530 mil. With this accounting change, instead of the $3.13 bil eBay actually paid, they Skype will be treated as if it cost $1.7 bil:

Interesting summary of the drama behind the 700 MHz auction lobbying/lawsuits:,137829-c,legalissues/article.html

Verizon users can now change calling plans without extending their contracts:

HTC sold 800k Touch phones (smartphones similar to the iPhone) in about the same time period that Apple sold 1 mil iPhones:


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