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October 4, 2007

LOTD for October 4

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The Senate passed a $459 bil defense budget, 10% more than last year:

DARPA’s HI-MEMS program uses cyborg with embedded MEMS gear to perform remote-controlled reconaissance for the military. 3 teams have been funded (MIT, Michigan, Boyce Thompson) and are using either horned beetles or moths:

Scientist and sci-fi writer Thomas Easton was asked by DARPA to give a talk at the HI-MEMS kickoff (in Honolulu) but couldn’t make it, those he makes his slides available here. The idea is that moths are extraordinarily sensitive to sex attractants, so it would make sense to give bank robbers money treated for sex attractants instead of dye…this way, they would be surprised when the moth-based HI-MEMS leads police to them:

Poor use of the “reply all” option for e-mail resulted in 2.2 million messages clogging the mailboxes of government and private experts on domestic security, even revealing sensitive and possibly classified information on that e-mail list:

A researcher with Iran’s Ministry of Defense received the entire e-mail thread, including all of the information about agencies people were in, and wondered if it was a joke…sadly it was not and some of the telephone numbers and titles of military and government personnel were classified:

Note: I was cc’d once on an e-mail with a classified phrase included and I lost my laptop for a day or two while my computer was “cleaned”. How are they going to clean the computers of all of those people…especially the folks in Iran?

The Australian government is defending its WiFi patents and giving no assurances that it won’t sue 11n companies (it already won in court vs. Bufallo Tech):,1000000308,39289756,00.htm

The IEEE was happy a few days ago when the Australian government sent their letter about their WiFi patents…until the contents of the letter came out:

More than half of all mobile phones made are made in China:

Verizon introduces its “iPhone killer” with 3G data access and a keyboard:

Samsung releases its “iPhone killer”, the Serenata:

Hackers are trying to reverse the latest iPhone firmware update that renders hacked phones limited or unusable:

This commentator blames AT&T, not Apple, for bricking his iPhone:

Microsoft talks up its Zune 2:

ARM, TI, Samsung, Marvel and a few others team up to try to beat Intel with a Linux-based platform for mobile phones:

Broadcom’s new multimedia processor will enable cell phones to have HD video, 3D gaming, and 12 megapixel cameras with no additional battery drain:

Spicy Thai chile led to an evacuation of a busy London neighborhood…they mistook the fumes coming from the spicy dish with a chemical attack!

White chocolate recalled throughout the US (salmonella problem):


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