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October 8, 2007

LOTD for October 8

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They are getting the new armed robots ready to be sent into wars:

Google is not making cell phone hardware–instead, they are focusing on (Linux-based) software directly targeted at replacing Windows Mobile…and they will charge NO fee for their software:

Report says that 10% of iPhones are bought by hackers who wish to unlock the phones to work on something other than AT&T’s network:

In a huge surprise (sarcasm), the GAO found that the FCC favors lobbyists over consumers:

Clearwire’s stock fell 12% because investors worried that Sprint’s problems would damage their WiMAX partnership:

McDonald’s is providing free WiFi at its 1200 locations in the UK:,3800011842,39168713,00.htm

The GSM Association is pushing HSPA instead of WiMAX:

I’m amazed that Google stock passed $600 per share and Sergey and Larry are worth about $20 bil each…I knew them in 1996 when they were just grad students:,0,507115.story?coll=la-home-business

Everyone probably already saw this, but this single mother was hit with a $220,000 fine after losing in court against the RIAA about her hosting 24 songs for KAZAA:$220,000-fine_1.html

This shirt will detect and display the WiFi signal strength wherever you go:

City of Marin’s website was hacked and redirected people to porn sites:

This hack resulted in the entire California government domain ( having its plug pulled by the GSA!

A state legislator in Ohio gave a presentation to a high school class…but instead of showing his presentation, he showed topless photos that were on his memory stick. He “doesn’t know how those photos” got on his memory stick, but he had a whole directory of them:


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