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October 9, 2007

LOTD for October 9

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Looks like the White House seriously compromised the monitoring of Al-Qaeda’s Intranet…blowing the cover of the US company that had access to all of their online communications:

The Navy released their “Master Plan” for unmanned, heavily armed ships:

The Nintendo Wii is the most requested wedding gift according to Amazon!

Newspapers used to look down on bloggers, but now they need them for new revenue and even split revenue with bloggers:,1,3678198.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

New York’s plan to grant illegal immigrants driver’s licenses has prompted a heated discussion:

The 2nd techiest area in the US (Silicon Valley is #1) is the DC Metro Area:

AT&T spent $2.5 bil to buy 700 MHz spectrum from Aloha Partners:

Sprint’s CEO resigned:

Sprint and Vonage settle their patent lawsuit, Vonage to pay $80 mil plus a licensing fee to Sprint:

Denver Health has1.5 mil sq ft of RFID:

Tropos is being used for the first city-wide WiFi in Mexico (23 sq miles in Obregon)

I found it interesting that Target has done so well on Facebook and WalMart has not:

Sony is launching a cheaper version of the PS3 on 11/2, just $399 but no PS2 compatibility and a few features removed:

Burger King is going after the cell phone gaming market:

Study found that 1 hour a day cell phone use for a decade resulted in 2x the chance of brain tumors on the side of the head the phone was held:


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