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October 10, 2007

LOTD for October 10

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There is an official inquiry into how the White House might have compromised the monitoring of Al-Qaeda’s website. Very interesting to me is that nobody in government is disputing SITE’s version of events and that the White House isn’t even bothering to deny it was at fault in this matter:

Apparently the problem of the Feds messing up intelligence operations by all openly going to URLs being used by enemies has happened before. Unfortunately, this guy points out it will be more difficult to monitor enemies now:

The US Embassy in Iraq was budgeted for $600 mil…but the price now stands at $744 mil and none of the buildings can be used because of fire code and electrical problems. I love how they say that this is not a cost overrun, it is an “additional contract requirement.”:

SPAWAR just gave Applied Signal Technology $5 mil for 5 synthetic aperture sonar systems:

PrismTech just released a package of new products, services, and development tools for SDR (including JTRS SCA support):

There are lots of questions over the Bain-Huawei acquisition of 3com:

With Sprint’s CEO gone, investors are pressuring Sprint to pull back on WiMAX:

Low-cost robotic device allows any digital camera to take *gigapixel* panoramas:

New DRAM is 6x faster than DDR2s:

Survivor was the most DVR-ed TV show last week:

More games are being released for the Wii than for the XBox 360 and the PS3 combined, with 22 WIi-only games compared to just 8 on the XBox 360 and 5 on the PS3:

MIT is working on an microbial fuel cell that runs on plant waste, so basically we could have cell phones and other electronic devices powered by bacteria!


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