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October 15, 2007

LOTD for October 15

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Looks like Cisco may be buying Navini Networks soon–that is nice, as that is the company my PhD Advisor founded and I have a lot of friends there:

Interesting analysis of various defense contractors:

Syria admitted that Syrian and Iranian workers were killed during the attempt to mount a “dirty bomb” on a scub missile:

This US Army Major explains how Blackwater’s actions were creating enemies of the US even before their highly publicized shooting incident:,0,4399312.story

Sad description of what is called the “pork plane”, which Congress supports despite the US military trying to kill the program and explain why it cannot be used for the tasks it was created for:

It is amazing that Blackwaters has $340 mil of the $402 mil going to contractors for protective services:

Article about how the Marines want to shift their forces from Iraq to Afghanistan:

The Mozilla Firefox browser will have a mobile phone version soon:

More discussion about how the Sprint CEO leaving is bad for WiMAX:

Sprint may even have its credit rating downgraded because of the cost of deploying WiMAX and their poor job of the Nextel integration!

Navini and Fujitsu demonstrate the first interoperable demonstration using beamformed 16e:

Analyst report says that in 2012 HDPA will be #1, EV-DO #2, and mobile WiMAX #3:;jsessionid=AD6A6D78B9862C51F55A4F156D21B851

The FCC actually considered making the entire 700 MHz spectrum auction require open access:

Sun and Samsung are making a “Java phone”:

Two more lawsuits against AT&T and Apple about the iPhone:;_ylt=Ap0ExP1PG.gs0hacqYkDBsUjtBAF

It is interesting that the California Supreme court recently ruled against T-Mobile for its early termnation fees and locking phones:

Reviewer says that the phone features available on Japanese phones are better than the iPhone:

Chicago is trying to set up a public safety WiFi network:

Quantum cryptography will secure ballots in the upcoming Swiss election, using photons to exchange keys:

Advances in quantum entanglement have made quantum communications (and quantum computing and quantum encryption) closer to reality:

Google is giving Gmail users more space:

Jamba Juice is going after the breakfast market:

Interesting rant about the lawsuit the RIAA won recently:

A Microsoft Windows update forced a TV station to broadcast its news from its parking lot:

Halloween has gone from a $2.9 bil business in 2003 to a $5 bil business now as retailers have focused on adults. More adults go to Halloween parties than watch Monday Night Football:

I can’t believe that an ATA flight attendant had a man arrested in Hawaii for watching a movie on his iPhone while the plane was above 10,000 feet:

Nintendo’s market value has increased 5x in the past 2 years and is almost double Sony!

The Wii Fit will be released in Japan on December 1, but not in the US until early next year…I really want that game!


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