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October 17, 2007

LOTD for October 17

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A staph “superbug” may actually kill more Americans zens than AIDS!

Apple will be selling an *unlocked* version of the iPhone in France…amazing, since they sell locked phones (have to be used on AT&T) in the US and a recent software update turned unlocked iPhones in the US into dead phones. AT&T’s contract with Apple means that iPhones can only be used on AT&T for FIVE years!

Interesting article about how Batelle partners with small businesses in the defense area:

The US gave consent for Israel to sell spy satellites to China…but put conditions on the sale that seem like they want to kill the deal:

The US Air Force is considering buying the European Airbus for Air Force One and other key planes…but Boeing is trying hard to get them to buy from them again:

iRobot now has a 250-pound weapon-carrying robot that should be able to run a 4-minute mile:

The IAEA asks Syria about whether or not the facility Israel blew up was an undeclared nuclear plant:

AT&T hired Goldman Sachs for their possible Dish Network acquisition:

Myspace is getting VoIP services from Skype:

Microsoft is now going VoIP:

Microsoft’s unified communications (UC) plan (using VoIP) looks to beat out Cisco and IBM and turn into this century’s AT&T…potentially bigger than Windows and Cisco together:

Interesting how humans wore makeup and ate seafood 164,000 years ago–at least 40,000 years earlier than previously thought:

This guy built an airplane out of Legos…and it even has an autopilot mode so it can fly itself without a remote control operator!

The same guy was lucky not to get into trouble when his UAV crashed into a secure national laboratory (he was trying to get pictures of the cyclotron for his blog):

The toughness of Shaolin Monks really amazes me…Iron egg skill, wow!


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