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October 18, 2007

LOTD for October 18

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Software glitch in a robot cannon led it to kill 9 soldiers, seriously injure 14 others:

Here is a video of another robotic weapon out of control…this one supposedly could have killed a number of members of Congress if it hadn’t run out of ammo:

Amazing that the nuclear rifle (named the Davy Crockett) ever got built and tested…with a 3-mile max range, the crew shooting the rifle was in the nuclear blast radius!

The NSA approved General Dynamics’ smartphone for both classified and unclassified operation, switching between modes with a single keystroke!

I didn’t realize that the UK used live goats to study deep-diving techniques and how to avoid the bends:

It looks like Cisco will buy Navini for between $200 mil and $230 mil…that sounds good until you realize that VCs have invested $160 mil into Navini. So, the VCs won’t make much of a profit and the stockholder employees like my former officemates will probably get nothing:

WalMart expects to sell $287 mil more by using RFID on only a small portion of its inventory problems:

Report says that 11n will make municipal WiFi feasible again:

Serious question over whether or not iPhones will make people sterile…using chemicals banned in toys because they are “toxic to reproduction” is a bad idea!

Want to be a millionaire? One million Zimbabwean dollars is apparently equal to 1 US dollar:

I really enjoyed this story about a reporter who investigates baby contests and then gets hooked on trying to win those ribbons with his baby:

This woman actually called the police to try to get them to get her money back because of the crack cocaine she had bought was of low quality!


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