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October 19, 2007

LOTD for October 19

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As I’ve mentioned to some people for awhile, I believed that my PhD advisor left his founder/CTO position at Navini Networks for a Chinese company that would specialize in China’s TD-SCDMA. This was because my officemates and I actually wrote a lot of that standard under his direction. I needed to find out his exact affiliation for my NSF proposal, so here is some info on what he is doing:

He is Chief Scientist at Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Inc., described here:

Here is an IEEE paper he wrote last year about experimental measurements of wideband MIMO channels at 1.8 GHz. The funny thing is that his company is in China but the measurements were carried out with the experimental testbed that I helped build at UT-Austin (I did the transceivers, photo-etching the boards after doing the Autocad, and a bunch of other things):

Here is an article about Xinwei, which mentions that ALL of China’s cellular carriers that will carry TD-SCDMA (as the Chinese government is trying to require) will use what was developed by Xinwei. So, Dr. Xu was responsible for writing the standard for the Chinese government, the Chinese government is requiring that the standard be used for 3G (instead of the more mature EV-DO or HSPA standards), and Dr. Xu’s company has the exclusive development contract for the standard. No wonder he quit Navini even though he founded it and it will be bought for $230 mil!

The Chinese government is STILL delaying the other 3G standards from being able to be used in China, wanting to protect TD-SCDMA:

The DoD announced a $24 BILLION contract with Boeing yesterday, saying that was a record award…when reporters started to call around to get more news about the DoD announcement, the DoD ended up realizing that the contract was for $24 MILLION. The Air Force spokesman has no idea how that mistake happened…

I didn’t realize that the US military and intelligence agencies can classify any patent they wish…more than 5000 patents have now been classified:

UK Intelligence agencies are advertising in video games because they found that gamers make good spies:

Shared Spectrum is transitioning XG to the National Institute of Justice for public safety multi-band radios:

Amazing that the screeners at LAX missed 75% of the explosives and bombs used to test airport security…and that at SFO (which outsourced the screener jobs instead of using government overside like at LAX) they only missed 20%. Still, 20% is pretty bad…but 75% is horrible!

The DoD has now publicly admitted the mistake in flying nuclear weapons over the US…and it looks like a lot of heads have rolled!

More details about the incident where the robot cannon killed a bunch of soldiers:

The “secret” feature used to identify the pedophile turns out to be something that is built into Photoshop:

Comcast has started to block access (and sometimes just slow it down significantly) to file sharing websites for its internet subscribers:

Yahoo! accused of lying to Congress over the case that got a Chinese dissident thrown into prison:

It is amazing that Google beat analysts predictions again with a 46% rise in profit and a 57% rise in revenue. Making more than $1 bil in profit in a quarter is not bad!

Despite suing Google right now for $1 bil, Viacom says that they will probably work with Google in the future:

Google, Microsoft, and Vodaphone are looking to use the spectrum in the US and Europe that TV providers are using now:

In the transcript of a Google conference call with reporters, co-founder Larry Page (he almost never gets quoted anymore!) said that Google is happy with the 700 MHz spectrum rules:

AT&T launches its HSUPA network, laptop and USB cards also support HSDPA:

Sprint’s interim CEO denies that they are moving their headquarters or pulling back from WiMAX:

Cute R2-D2 stereo speakers for PCs will be available soon:

This drunk driver accidentally dialed the police instead of roadside assistance and lost his driver’s license:

It is amazing that these parents had kids 3 times…each time on the same day!


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