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October 27, 2007

LOTD for October 27

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Satellite photos show that Syria has wiped away all traces of the compound that Israel blew up that was a suspected secret nuclear reactor site. Instead of complaining that Israel invaded their territory and blew up a building, they have kept quiet about the attack and wiped away the evidence of the building so that nobody can find out what they were actually doing there. More than any satellite photos or other intelligence, Syria’s reaction to the attack seems to me to be the best indication that they were doing secret nuclear research at that site:

It is amazing to me that satellite photos show that Syria was actually building that secret nuclear reactor since 2001 or earlier, supposedly with help from North Korea since 1999. In fact, the US apparently knew about this at least since 2003. So, when we invaded Iraq because we worried they might be trying to work on their nuclear program (which was not the case and the Nigeria info that Bush mentioned was completely disproven), Syria actually HAD an active nuclear program that we had real evidence about!

The FBI admits that it cannot afford e-mail addresses for 8000 of its 30,000 employees. They also wasted $170 mil on a software package before figuring out they couldn’t use it. They can’t even run a multiple keyword search for suspects! They pass along tips via FAX machine!

Only 1/3 of FBI employees have the ability to access the internet at their desks! No wonder the article in the AOTD recently mentioned that FBI agents go to the public library to do their Google searches! It is also sad that the FBI was authorized to hire 24 senior intelligence analysts in 2004, but over the past 3 years has only filled 2 of those 24 positions!:

This female blogger (see the video) volunteered to be shot twice by the “pain ray”, officially the Active Denial System, that the Air Force has been working on for years:

Costco has a great recycling program for electronics where they disassemble everything and keep everything out of landfills, and pay you in Costco gift cards:

Nintendo is going to sell the Wii in China and South Korea next year…they don’t have enough supply right now to sell it in more countries:

Hippie levitates in front of the White House:


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