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October 29, 2007

LOTD for October 29

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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) met with a government member of the UK on how to fight terrorism, then when they guy tried to take his flight home, DHS detained him!

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) head Michael Chertoff criticized FEMA (which is part of the DHS) says that FEMA’s fake press conference showed “extraordinary poor judgement”. The head PR guy for FEMA actually started today as the head of public affairs for the director of national intelligence…unless they decide to pull the job offer:

And it turns out that the DID pull his job offer!

Global warming plus population increases are expected to result in *36* US states having water shortages in the next 5 years!

Analysts say that Microsoft overpaid for their stake in Facebook because they wanted to keep Facebook away from Google…valuing Facebook at $15 bil when it has never made a profit and makes just $150 mil per year reminds me of the tech deals done around 2000.

Verizon had a net 1.6 mil customer increase this past quarter, showing basically no effect of the iPhone on them! They increased by the same number of customers each quarter (1.6 mil per quarter) this year even though the iPhone has been attracting customers to AT&T:

Cool table showing the average revenue per user, churn (those that left their service), and net customer subscriber additions. I guess almost all of AT&T’s iPhone customers came from Sprint and T-Mobile since they do not want to reveal their churn this past quarter…but Sprint did admit that they decreased by 337k subscribers:

Customers who leave Sprint do not have to buy a new phone–in order to settle a class-action lawsuit Sprint had to agree to unlock all phones when subscribers leave them. Those phones will work on Verizon and
Alltell. Note that T-Mobile and AT&T (from iPhone users) face similar lawsuits:

Apple is limited iPhone purchases to 2 per buyer, mainly because people were buying them to resell after unlocking the iPhones:

UK cellular operator 3 just released a phone that allows for free calls over the internet via Skype:

Vonage settles its dispute with Verizon–Verizon gets either $80 mil or $120 mil (with $2.5 mil going to charity) depending on whether or not Vonage wins a rehearing:

Japan’s IP Mobile has switched from TD-CDMA to TD-SCDMA after getting a $100 mil investment from a Hong Kong company:

Taiwan Mobile says that HSDPA will overtake WiMAX in Taiwan in the next 2-3 years:

Shortage of beer ingredients will lead to 10%+ increases in prices and shortages of some types of beer:


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