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October 30, 2007

LOTD for October 30

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The Pentagon requested $1.4 bil of emergency spending to combat the growing threat of sniper attacks in Iraq, saying that sniper attacks are up 4x this year…and then it was pointed out to them that DoD data shows that sniper attacks have actually *dropped* this year:

It turns out that the National Intelligence Program got $43.5 bil in FY 2007:

Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson (he’s still running?) seems to agree to help the conspiracy theorists about Roswell:

Google is the biggest corporate user of solar electricity and plans to generate 50 megawatts from renewable forms by 2012. Google really is helping the economies of scale for solar energy and this further expansion is great leadership…and makes good business sense for Google too (they break even in 7.5 years):

Google is expected to announce their cellular software and services within the next 2 weeks, with open software including the operating system:

Gmail is changing their internal code, so 3rd party extensions may not work after the code rollout:

With the start of NBC Universal-affiliated hulu ready to compete with iTunes, NBC Universal president Jeff Zucker talked about how Apple destroyed the pricing in the music business:

Asian governments are driving demand for open source systems:

Very interesting interview with Verizon. They detail their business goals and plans, discuss each prospective 4G technology, and are clear that they don’t regret passing on the iPhone:

The iPhones’ “unlimited” plans in Europe are actually limited in usage before they charge extra or cut the data rate down to 64 kbps:

IPMobile filed for bankruptcy, so they will not be using TD-SCDMA in Japan:

CBS reporter in South Florida sent 21,000 text messages in a week to win $5k for charity in a Sprint contest:

Uruguayan kids will be the first to get the $100 laptops:

Statistics show that illegals are not more likely to be involved in crime as citizens, contrary to certain claims:,CST-NWS-illegal29.article


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