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October 31, 2007

LOTD for October 31

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US Diplomats are upset that they are being sent to Iraq:

The Bush Administration is assigning the DoD’s US Regional Cooperation Offices to oversee Blackwater. I thought that the oversight was a great step until I read that the US Regional Cooperation Offices is outsourced…and notorious mercenary Tim Spicer will be in charge of overseeing Blackwater. Spicer’s people actually filmed a video of them shooting at Iraqi civilians and used an Elvis song as a soundtrack…and then put the video on the Internet! That is the organization that will be overseeing Blackwater?

Tony Tether said that DARPA’s new spy plane will not be for the troops, but just for “the President”:

Google in active talks with Verizon to put Google applications on Verizon phones:

The Wall Street Journal says that Google is in advanced talks with both Verizon and Sprint:

Google to offer an open system for social networking that may compete with Facebook…I wonder if that will chip away at the $15 bil valuation Microsoft gave it a few days ago:

Mobile developers prefer Google over #2 Microsoft and #3 Nokia:

Next-generation DVD format wars (HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray) seems to be hurting both standards:

Who knew that Dennis Kucinich (he’s also still running?) claimed to have seen a UFO?

The ultimate war trophy from Iraq has been found: Saddam’s gold-plated AK-47 is at the Defense Intelligence Agency:


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