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November 1, 2007

LOTD for November 1

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UC-SD researchers (led by Rebeiz) developed the world’s most complex phased array:

Purdue is using MEMS for wireless strain gage sensors inside of jet engines:

IBM came up with a way to turn scrap electronic waste into silicon-based solar panels:

Berkeley researchers have made a Nanopod…a fully functional nanotube radio that *would fit inside a humal cell*:

The Reaper became the first armed UAV to fire a weapon in combat, hitting their target 70 miles away from their base in Afghanistan:,15240,155110,00.html

NEC successfully developed its wideband wearable antenna prototype:

Buffalo Technology cannot sell WiFi (11a/g) equipment in the US due to the Australian government’s patent on WiFi. The Australian government entity wants a piece of every 11a/g/n equipment sold:

Wi-LAN claims that it has key WiFi and DSL patents and filed *22* lawsuits…basically suing everybody that makes WiFi products! Fujitsu already caved and is paying them a license fee:

Atheros now provides a solution with the lower active-mode power consumption for WiFi:

I mentioned yesterday that IP Wireless filed for bankruptcy…that means their creditors probably lost their investments. Hardest hit would probably be NextWave, which owns 69.23% of IP Wireless and was planning to use IP Wireless to enter the Japanese market with TD-CDMA:

Time Magazine named the iPhone the Invention of the Year (last year it was YouTube):,8599,1678581,00.html

Apple isn’t allowing people to buy iPhones with cash in order to combat resellers who unlock the phones:

Garmin just outbid ($3.32 bil) Tom Tom for Tele Atlas, one of the 2 leading digital map providers:

By next year, half of the population of the world will have cell phones:

Analysis of what the TV networks have done to prepare for a possible writer’s strike–it looks like Fox is the most prepared:


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