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November 2, 2007

LOTD for November 2

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Lockheed has an anti-IED device now that is a competitor to Elisra’s and ITT’s anti-IED devices. I had thought that the anti-IED device was from EFW, but I guess it is from Elisra…that makes certain things clearer to me now:

Thales and Harris are competing for *$9 bil* in next-generation tactical radio orders…only those 2 companies can get that $9 bil! Thales’ radio is already JTRS compatible and Harris offers is software upgradable to JTRS compliance:

I’m not sure if I passed along the news that EDO (recently bought by ITT) won a big CREW contract for land-mine jammers:

Al Qaeda is supposedly planning a big online attack of websites on 11/11:

The secret source who made up tales of Iraq’s chemical weapons because he wanted asylum in Germany has been identified by 60 minutes:

The largest solar installation in North America is at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, which will eventually produce 15 megawatts of power and save the base $1 mil per year. 140 acres and 70,000 solar panels…wow!:

Sprint is considering spinning off its WiMAX division and having it merge with Clearwire, finding an investor to fund their WiMAX unit, or buying Clearwire outright (that won’t happen, as Sprint doesn’t have enough money for their own WiMAX plans):

After months and months of rumors, it appears that Google will make their big mobile phone announcement on Monday, with agreements with Sprint and T-Mobile already set:

AT&T now offers an international iPhone rate plan–for an additional (above the regular iPhone rate plans) $60 per month, users can have 50 MB of data access in more than 29 countries:

MetroPCS gave up in its attempt to buy Leap Wireless:

Verizon is letting their stockholders vote on their Executive pay plans:

China says that they have made a lot of progress for food safety:

Cool mini-laptop goes for $399 or less, will be in stores like Costco soon:

Japan has a reality show about a guy who keeps playing video games:

It is interesting that NY City public schools are considering a plan to give free cell phones to public school students and then give free airtime as rewards for doing well in school…especially since cell phones are banned in NY City public schools!

German politician says that all marriages should expire after 7 years:

Study finds that there aren’t nearly as much “hookups” as people seem to think in college:

Very interesting study about why younger siblings are shorter on average:

Apparently, the OR7D4 gene determines if women are attracted to or repelled by the smell men give off when they sweat:


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