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November 5, 2007

LOTD for November 5

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Just as rumored on Friday, Google finally unveiled its cell phone software and alliance:

Here is the list of members in this Open Handset Alliance…very impressive:

It is interesting how Google reacted to Facebook choosing Microsoft…Google got basically everybody else in the Social Networking space (including MySpace, Linked-In and for its development platform and immediately had 5x the market share of Facebook:

Israel’s new spy satellite was the key for their coordination on their bombing of the alleged Syrian nuclear facility:

Naval Surface Warfare Center issued a solicitation for a backpack jammer device that will take out all communications (cell phone, WiFi, etc.) within 1km, frequency from DC to 6 GHz, trying for something less than 27 pounds…and the device can be declassified by just removing the hard drive or USB stick:

The US has given Pakistan more than $7 bil to help it fight Al Qaeda…but Pakistan has instead used that money to buy equipment that would not be useful to fight Al Qaeda but *would* be useful to fight India. The Frontier Corps fighting Al Qaeda have to use “sandals and bolt-action rifles” against Al Qaeda’s assault rifles and grenade launchers…the Frontier Corps have no ground transportation, no night vision equipment, almost no air power, and their obsolete equipment consists of things that Pakistan’s Army has discarded…where did that $7 bil go?:,1,1933236,full.story?coll=la-headlines-frontpage&ctrack=2&cset=true

North Korea is starting to dismantle their nuclear facilities today:

Chemical industry companies and their lobbyists were quite happy when the Department of Homeland Security eased regulations for protecting their chemicals from terrorists and for raising the level of chemicals needed before they have to report on them. For example, it is interesting that the exempted the standard 1-ton shipping cylinder for liquid chlorine when that has been used by terrorists in Iraq recently:

Carnegie Mellon won the DARPA Urban Challenge (getting $2 mil), with Stanford second ($1 mil) and Virginia Tech third ($500k). Too bad this might be the last time that DARPA gets to do this robotics competition because they lost their ability to offer cash prizes:

Researchers have added sensors to RFID tags:

It is pretty hard to believe the FCC’s statistics on broadband availability for US residents. First, the FCC insists that if a single person in a zip code has broadband then EVERYONE in that zip code has access to broadband! Second, they define broadband as 200 kbps access, which is far lower than the rest of the world considers broadband. The GAO and consumer advocates have been criticizing both of these things for years, but the FCC doesn’t change. And because of the funny numbers by the FCC, the FCC insists that UH residents have *four* options for broadband access to their homes and so their policies are working. I do not know ANYONE who has *four* options for broadband at their homes! I can’t even get DSL at my home!:

AT&T’s plan to offer free WiFi in Napa died when they found out that the utility poles were too short. It is too bad because AT&T was putting the $1 mil up front, 10 hours per month would have been free for anyone (great for tourists!), accounts would have been just $20 per month, and the city would have gotten 50 accounts for free (used mainly by the police, but also to wirelessly read the power meters):

Conexant is quitting the WiFi development business and will lay off 140 people:

I’m not sure if I passed along the news about how Sprint has cut *way* back on its WiMAX spending. They spent just $73 mil on WiMAX last quarter, which is nothing when compared to the $3 bil it was going to spend over this year and next year:

Fiber to the home is growing with Verizon, but largely available already in other markets:


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