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November 6, 2007

LOTD for November 6

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The Navy is working on an invisibility cloak for submarines, making them invisible to sonar, using metamaterials:

Increased coal burning is linked to global warming and health issues throughout the world. The pollution described in Taiyuan is amazing, defying the Chinese government’s attempt to clean up their environment before the Olympics. 1/3 of China has acid rain! Air pollution in China and India can be seen as increasing cloud cover and major Pacific Ocean storms affecting Hawaii and the West Coast. Mercury is a byproduct of coal and gets into the fish we eat, with half of the mercury in the food in the US mainly coming from China:

Our terrorist watch-list now has 860,000 names on it and is growing by 20,000 names per month. Unfortunately, there are too many names on it now to be that useful for fighting terrorism and with that many names there are inevitably innocent people whose names match those on the list:

Al Qaeda is recruiting kids in the UK, MI5 is worried:

Pakistan has pulled back troops that were fighting Al Qaeda militants to arrest lawyers in order to help keep their ruler in power:

Four out of 5 US adults go online now, the highest percentage yet:

71% of US Government executives say that their organizations could benefit from open-source software and more than half already use it:

Taiwan’s next-generation chip making machines will use 18-inch wafers instead of the 12-inch wafers currently used. Factories will cost between $12-14 BIL:

UK residents sent 1 bil text messages in 1999…and they now send 1 bil text messages *every month*:

The print readership of newspapers has fallen again as compared to last year, but just by 3%. However, the Internet readership of newspapers has increased to the point that some newspapers are going internet-only. When you combine online and print readership, about half of the newspapers were at the same level as last year or had an increase:

T-Mobile is partnering up with the One Laptop Per Child program–a $399 donation will give a child in a developing country a laptop AND the donor will get a laptop also and the donor will get 1 year of free WiFi access at T-Mobile’s 8500 hot spots:

LG released their iPhone-clone that isn’t as slick as the iPhone (Apple’s operating system is better than Microsoft’s) but supports 3G and HSDPA at 3.6 Mbps:

I’ve always wondered why vending machines in Japan sold cigarettes, and I guess it has become a problem in Japan. So, now their vending machines are becoming equipped with facial recognition software to reject people that seem too “young looking”. Those rejected can enter an ID to prove their age, and if the ID matches their face then they can use the vending machine:


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