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November 8, 2007

LOTD for November 8

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I wrote about how US counter-terrorism aid to Pakistan was going instead to arrest lawyers, but the actual reason why this could happen shocks me. It turns out that the US gives the Pakistani government $200 mil annually and the Pakistan military $100 mil per money in cash…untraceable cash. No restrictions on how that money will be spent ($10.58 bil since 9/11), no promises to the US, just cash and an annual update meeting. 10% of that money has gone to development aid and humanitarian assistance, the rest to the military-led government:

The Iraqi government has approved raids of private security firms (also known as Blackwater):

The Air Force is trying to get control over all future satellite programs, kicking out the Army, Navy, and even get control over the surveillance satellites for the intelligence groups:

BAE has an unmanned tank called the Black Knight:

The Minuteman decided that they would put up their own fence on the Mexican border since the government was too slow. They promised a 2,000 mile, 14-foot high fence with security cameras and sensors. One guy mortgaged his home and contributed $100k! However, it turns out that they only built a cow fence on some ranchers’ property and the is a big question about where the money went:

High school senior wants to build a supersonic sled made of fiberglass…he just needs someone to give him $20k or more to try to build it:

4G standard LTE met its PHY goals, but the worry now is the lack of available spectrum for it:

Columbia law professor Tim Wu apparently inspired Google’s Open Handset Alliance:

T-Mobile and Sprint announced today that they will pro-rate early termination fees just like Verizon does already…though T-Mobile and Sprint won’t do it until some unknown time next year:

Cell phone gaming revenue dropped this past quarter for the first time in years:

Vending machine at the Las Vegas airport has been quite successful at selling high-end cell phones and SIM cards:

Legoland is expanding–huge new area opening in March, then a 2nd park (Sea Life Legoland) is opening in the summer:


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