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November 9, 2007

LOTD for November 9

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Sprint ends its pact with Clearwire and is evaluating whether or not they really want to do WiMAX:

The Navy just invested $3.3 mil for a wireless buoy prototype:

The Army is planning to spend $2.6 bil on European-designed helicopters that cannot fly on hot days:

Australians are exposed to IEDs in Afghanistan and after the latest casualty there the Australian public wants answers for why Australia cancelled their robotic IED detector program in 2004:,25197,22709714-2702,00.html

Tiny sensors can have biomedical and security applications:

Breakthrough on being able to rotate electron spin means that quantum computing is that much closer to reality:

Unapproved strand of biotech rice (NOT approved for human consumption) somehow got into the US food supply. This will cost US industry $1.2 bil because they cannot sell the unsafe rice to other countries…but we are apparently eating this rice (NOT approved for human consumption) in the US!

iPhone launched in the UK and Germany today to mixed reactions:

Facebook’s social adds may be illegal:

Samsung stopped their consumer sales in Japan, the market was too hard to get a foothold in:


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