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November 12, 2007

LOTD for November 12

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North Korea is providing evidence that it says will prove it never intended to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, providing documents and access to their equipment to US officials. If true (and that is a BIG if), this would be a great embarrassment for the Bush Administration, as they ended a Clinton-era agreement with North Korea when they accused North Korea of trying to go the uranium route for nuclear weapons. The Clinton agreement stopped North Korea from trying to use plutonium to make a nuclear weapon…North Korea ended up with a plutonium-base nuclear weapon when the Bush administration gave them that freedom by killing the old agreement. The Bush administration has already backed away from some of its claims about North Korea:

China is using its intelligence service to try to steal industrial secrets from Europe:,2144,2879734,00.html

Nissan has an interesting new paint that it is working on–a car owner would have the option to change the color of the car *at any time*! As long as the car was running, its color could be changed. This has obvious defense ramifications for camoflauge…plus, police speed traps would be a lot more effective!:

The $5 bil spy sat program failed because the government didn’t have the budget that would have been required to actually do it…and because Boeing apparently was happy to make promises it couldn’t keep in order to win the contract over Lockheed:

Columbian drug lords apparently have submarines to help their smuggling, 15 of their subs have been caught so far:

Looks like there is an Area 52 in the Nevada desert, a sister site to the more famous Area 51:

Rumor is that Google might be buying Sprint:

O2 denies reports that its iPhone slaes are less than expected, saying that the iPhone is its fastest selling device ever…but refuses to provide actual sales numbers:

RIM sued LG over LG’s names for their BlackBerry competitor…including Black Cherry, Strawberry, and Black Label. BlackPearl does sound pretty close to BlackBerry Pearl!

The WiMAX Forum cancelled Wave 1 certification, as they want to focus on Wave 2 because of the desire by the industry for MIMO and beamforming from Wave 2. Wave 2 was being driven by Sprint…but now Sprint may not care as much as they did before:

Qualcomm went out of its way to slam WiMAX, calling WiBro in Korea a “commercial failure”:

The Ferreira building in New Jersey is the first commercial building to be “Net-Zero Electric” and it actually generates more power than it uses, providing that surplus power to the power grid. The building is 42,000 sq feet and 100 people work there:

Millions of pounds of beef are sold each year are allowed to be sold each year in the US that contain an especially nasty version of E. coli:,1,2945973.story

Celebrities are now getting their own branded credit cards:


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