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November 15, 2007

LOTD for November 15

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I’m in Anaheim until Saturday morning, but I was able to collect some links while the kids slept…

Seagate found out that a Chinese subcontractor installed a virus on their hard drives that automatically sends the information stored on the hard drive to Beijing web sites!

The Navy gave $2.3 mil in contracts to 3e Technologies International for secure wireless shipboard applications:

Plasma anteannas are stealthy, versatile, and jam resistant…the antenna basically disappears when the plasma cools down:

Actual economic cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars estimated to be $1.6 trillion, about double what the Bush Administration has requested. The study is disputed by the White House and I wish that the Republican members of that committee were given a chance to go over the report before its release…however, I hadn’t thought about the interests payments ($550 bil) that had to be made on the war spending–our government will have to pay interest on its debt. Future costs are estimated at $3.5 trillion, which comes out to $46,400 per family of four in our country.

Comcast is unlikely to buy Clearwire:

The Wall Street Journal has a profile of Clearwire and its founder Craig McCaw:

The Wall Street Journal teams with Digg, articles submitted to Digg will be available for free access:

Rupurt Murdoch says that all content on the Wall Street Journal (which he recently added to his collection of companies) will be free…Wall Street Journal executives don’t seem to agree with him. The Journal makes $50-70 mil per year in those paid subscriptions:

Apple’s stock went way up with the news about China Mobile’s interest in the iPhone:

Tampa teen drills a hole looking for money and instead got burned by ammonia and caused an evacuation of the people within a half mile of the mess he caused:


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