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November 16, 2007

LOTD for November 16

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The Agricultural Department approved the use of carbon monoxide gas to keep old cuts of meet looking red and fresh, even though the scientists that worked for the meat companies that wanted the approval said that their safety tests were questionable. Carbon monoxide gas can make 2-year-old ground beef look like it is fresh beef! I’m glad that Safeway will no longer sell the gassed meats…but this has been going on for over 3 years and I never heard about it before:

Apparently there is a good reason that armed gunmen attacked that South African nuclear facility twice recently–they were trying to grab certain computers that apparently have the information about South Africa’s nuclear research. Terrorists would probably pay a lot of money for the instructions on how to make nuclear bombs and all of the studies South Africa has done in that area:

Microwave pulses demonstrated to stop moving cars–potential application for police car chases and military security. Trouble is, any elevators or ATMs, etc. in the area will also stop working:

Applied Physical Devices (Austin, TX) is getting $2.5 mil to develop electronic pulse power to defeat IEDs. The same technology can potentially kill cancer cells, clean poluted air, etc.:

Smart antenna startup Pinyon Technologies (based in Reno) just got its first round of funding ($1.2 mil) from George Lauro of Alteon (I’m assuming this is an angel investor and not a venture capital company):

Verizon is providing free calls for troops stationed in Iraq during the Holiday season:

YouTube will start to make high quality videos available to people with fast enough internet connections:

The Nintendo Wii has the most downloadable games:

The Australian government came up with an interesting way to cut down on speeding by men:

This is an old story, but I forgot to include the news before about the Pittsburgh man who tried to use a fake $1 mil bill:,2933,300323,00.html

Interesting scientific study found that lap dancers made a lot more money when ovulating and made half as much when having their period.

I found it very interesting that expensive running shoes increases the risk of injury by 123% while the shoes in the cheapest category were the best shock absorbers, offering more protection against shin splints and joint pain:

Interesting New York Times article about spoof ads on Craigslist–the one about a “spectacularly beautiful woman” seeking a husband who makes more than $500k per year really does stand out:


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