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November 19, 2007

LOTD for November 19

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Study (possibly biased) found that wireless hackers are a bigger problem than shoplifters!

The actual 4G wireless spectrum being reserved worldwide runs from 698 to 806 MHz:

GSM operators will be pushing LTE for that spectrum:

AT&T says that it ins’t worried about Google Wireless, pointing out that providing cellular service is a capital-intensive business. Has AT&T seen the amount of cash that Google is sitting on? They can’t spend it all it seems and they keep making tons more!

Interesting analysis about how Google Wireless could be a big problem for the incumbent cellular carriers:

T-Mobile had to pull the Motorola Sidekick Slide because whenever the slide feature was used the phone would reboot! That design flaw also hapens with Motorola’s Slide phone in Australia. How did this feature not get found before? The Sidekick Slide will miss the entire Holiday Shopping season!

It looks like Garmin did a great job last week–they forced Tom Tom to increase its bid for Tele Atlas from $2.5 bil to $4.2 bil, signed a deal to guarantee access to Navteq’s maps for the next 10 years (so, they don’t need Tele Atlas), and got Tom Tom to agree to settle patent disputs in exchange for pulling out of the bidding for a company they didn’t need anymore! Garmin’s whole product line is based on Navteq, so it would have been less than ideal for them to buy Tele Atlas anyway…but the thought of losing Garmin as a customer probably prompted Navteq to be reasonable with the deal:

Earthlink may completely pull out of the muni-WiFi market or sell off the unit–amazing how things changed from last year where Earthlink dominated all the big muni-WiFi networks:

China really isn’t doing much about electronic recycling:

I cannot believe that this AP photographer has been held in a US military prison in Iraq for 19 months without being charged with any crime yet! The military cannot figure out why they are holding him, as each theory they have floated so far has been discredited: is an interesting new newspaper–online only, non-profit, “every penny of their budget is spent hiring reporters”. They appear to be taking away significant readership from the San Diego Union-Tribune, with the SDUT having the 2nd-worst drop in circulation among the top 25 newspapers in the US. They have NO marketing budget, they give all the money to the reporters and rely on the quality of the reporting to attract readers…and as they get more readership ,the reporters will be getting more money:

Amazon has an electronic reading device called Kindle that is supposed to look and feel like a book (it weighs 10 ounces) and 90,000 books are available for download at launch:


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