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November 20, 2007

LOTD for November 20

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Industry panel casts doubt on WiMAX and says that HSPA is now the broadband standard–the conclusion was that HSPA’s ecosystem has unstoppable momentum:

Vodafone’s lawsuit caused a big problem for T-Mobile’s iPhone plans…turns out that the exclusive deal iPhone gave T-Mobile might be illegal in Germany:

A math error could pose a huge security threat–cyptography could be overcome with a simple algorithm in this case and placing the entire global e-commerce system at risk simultaneously. The guy giving the warning is the “S” in “RSA”:

Electrical Engineer used computer simulations to come up with a formula that improved the detection of IEDs by 75%:

New laser fingerprint scanner eliminates the need for dusting for fingerprints:

The US granted a record number of student Visas:

Discover evaluated the 8 ways to blow up a satellite:

Unnamed foreign companies received $20 bil over the past 3 years for work in Iraq and Afghanistan. That is even more than Halliburton got($16 bil)! Blackwater has made a lot of news but they only got $485 mil in that period, placing them just 12th highest on the list:

Looks like the bogus IED zapper by Ionatron is getting money from JIEDDO and the Army even though their equipment is so flawed and limited that it has to be within 3 feet of an IED to work. Even worse, when it was tested in Afghanistan it failed miserably and their old contracts were cancelled…so why are they getting more money now?

Robots are now being inspired by animals in nature–check out the salamander robot video!

SIP services are expected to account for $150 bil in revenue over the next 5 years:

More on Amazon’s Kindle electronic book. It is interesting that it uses Sprint’s EV-DO network for downloads, which are included in the service:


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