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November 26, 2007

LOTD for November 26

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Analysis suggests that the facility that Israel blew up in Syria might not have been making a nuclear bomb…instead, it might have been to make a plutonium bomb, a much bigger problem!

It is interesting that in the early 1980s we have 120 natural disasters per year and now we are at 500 natural disasters per year! Rising green house gas emmissions causing climate change are blamed in this article:

The company (Topps Meat) that was forced to recall 21.7 mil pounds of tainted ground beef products just went out of business:

French and German laws require that unlocked iPhones be made available:

It is amazing that Apple is unlocking iPhones via iTunes…all it takes is a software update to unlock the iPhone!

France’s new President wants to have people who download music, movies, or other content without paying for it *banned from using the Internet*:

Taiwan made a handheld PC that has WiMAX access:

SK Telecom is being forced by the South Korean government to expand its WiBro network:

It looks like T-Mobile will roll out 3G service in the US next week!

Nokia found that women are better multitaskers than men:

Has a deal been basically agreed upon to end the writer’s strike soon?


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