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November 29, 2007

LOTD for November 29

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Google is expanding in a BIG way…by supporting alternative energy research. This is being funded by Google’s philonthropic arm…which has $2.3 bil at its disposal!

Google Maps for Mobile has enhanced location-based services. Note that GPS capability is not needed on the cell phone, as Google Maps can find the location via cell towers:

Gmail works fine on the iPhone but has big problems on Windows Mobile:

The Swiss are going to use UAVs to look for hooligans during soccer matches:

Houston police test UAVs, probably to catch speeders:

Virginia karate holds a contest with her young students to see who can take the most kicks to the stomach…and she kicks an 11-year-old *200 times* in the stomach! The kid had to go to the hospital with broken ribs and some other internal injuries…

The Army is apparently trying to buy their own Air Force…540 UAVs:

Boeing successfully tested its new system for encrypted communications with satellites:

Foot-and-mouth disease could cost Kansas a billion dollars!

Verizon selected LTE for their 4G standard…earlier this year Verizon had mentioned WiMAX as a possibility for their 4G network:

Verizon’s new open-access policy is praised by many of its former critics:

Spint was hit with a class-action lawsuit because it charges cell phone taxes on data card users…which is incorrect! Sprint admitted the error but refused to give refunds, which prompted the lawsuit:

AT&T says that a 3G iPhone is coming in 2008:

CarPhone Wireless has apparently been lying to customers to get them to buy insurance on their iPhones:

TerreStar might bid in the 700 MHz auction to become a wholesale provider of wireless network capacity:

WiMAX might be dead or near dead in Australia:

NTT is partnering with Nintendo in Japan to push fiber-optic broadband connections for the Nintendo Wii:

Top schools are welcoming private ventures:

An exploding cell phone battery apparently killed a man in South Korea:


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