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December 2, 2007

LOTD for December 2

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Los Alamos National Lab announced that between 500 and 750 people will be laid off:

Note: The interesting thing in this layoff is that it Los Alamos is paying a private contractor to help them manage their lab due to problems they had in the past with their management. That money has to come from somewhere…and if you notice in the comment section someone figure out that the amount of money saved by laying off workers seems to equal the management fee Los Alamos is paying!

Lawrence Livermore Labs is also laying off 500 workers. Instead of the University of California running it, now UC is going to be running it with Bechtel. How much fee are UC and Bechtel getting for managing Lawrence Livermore? $300 mil over 7 years! Plus, when UC ran the lab it was tax exempt, but now that a for-profit entity is running they are subject to taxes. So, I guess the workers are being laid off to pay for all of this:

Sandia Labs is laying off just 40-80 workers. They apparently didn’t just bring in a private company to run their laboratory like Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore:

This person is a big Star Wars and Nintendo fan…and made something amazing!


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