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December 3, 2007

LOTD for December 3

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Word that White House budget documents showed huge cuts in anti-terrorism funds for New York and other cities considered high risk for attack prompted extremely negative responses:

British Intelligence warns UK companies about the Chinese spy threat:

The University of Colorado has an interesting UAV application–swarms of tiny UAVs to track hurricanes:

The British Army ordered more of Lockheed’s UAS that can operate in high winds:

Fujitsu signed an agreement with the Taiwanese government for WiMAX development…I never realized how important WiMAX was to Taiwan economic development!

Cell phone service is among the lowest rating things that Consumer Reports surveys. Verizon did the best in the survey with T-Mobile just a little behind:–cellphone-service-survey-2008-published-read-em-and-weep-329104.php

An analyst said that Verizon has joined Google’s Open Handset Alliance!

Article questioning if Google will bid for spectrum to save face or to really try to win:

Ichan says that Motorola should be split into 4 pieces:

It looks like every Presidential candidate goes to Google now–good analogy to how candidates went to GM routinely in past campaigns:

Vivendi is buying Activision (Guitar Hero, etc.) and the combined company will have game revenue around what #1 Electronic Arts has:

Several startups have the idea of showing only commercials or infomercials…one that recently tried that strategy just went out of business though:

AT&T is getting out of the pay phone business by the end of 2008–cell phones really hurt the pay phone business:

It is kind of ironic how the Chinese government has been criticized by all of the fake copies of DVDs, CDs, games, etc. sold on their market and now the Chinese Government has a big problem with people in China selling unauthorized Beijing Olympics merchandise:

This is a pretty negative article about Facebook:

A power outage was a big problem for a woman giving birth when there were complications…so nurses got a bunch of cell phones and the doctors operated by the lights from the cell phones!


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