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December 4, 2007

LOTD for December 4

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Now US Intelligence says that Iran is *NOT* making nuclear weapons, and in fact they stopped their nuclear weapon development in 2003:

The White House claims that the President just found out about this new conclusion last week, even though he was briefed on it in August or September:

Bush says that “nothing has changed with Iran, even though last week he was talking about how Iran could lead to World War III:

How did our intelligence community figure out that Iran wasn’t actually trying to make nuclear weapons anymore? It was partly from photographs from the media that the intelligence people got ahold of:

The Defense Science Board task force worries about software being made in other countries that our military relies on:

Al-Qaida was able to smuggle 8 Chinese-made missiles into Saudi Arabia but they were stopped in a terror sweep:

With all the talk about biometric technology increasing so rapidly, it is interesting that the dominant biometric technology is…fingerprinting. That does not seem like cutting-edge high-tech to me:

Verizon is supporting Google’s Android Open-Access platform:

Motorola’s CTO resigned today, so now the CEO and CTO have to be replaced:,1,5537276.story

Time Warner and Sprint are not bidding on the 700 MHz spectrum, but Google and Cox are:

It looks like a lot of companies feel that some of Apple’s 200 patents for the iPhone have at least some similarity to their patents:

UK company lets people rent iPhones first…hoping that they will buy after trying out the iPhone:

Game system sales are way up this,year, with the Wii at #1 and the Xbox 360 at #2:

ESPN is launching, with live scores for 23 sports in 180 countries:


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