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December 7, 2007

LOTD for December 7

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Lawmakers are VERY upset at Boeing and the Department of Homeland Security for their spin on the SBINet problems and Boeing won’t be paid until everything is working properly:

New Terrahertz-ray machine could improve airport security and cancer detection without any of the potential problems that X-rays cause:

Silicon Valley startup is creating a robot army to replace soldiers in the field. They used private investor money instead of government money to fund their development:

All of the UAVs we have in the air now apparently may cause problems for air traffic control:

China is beginning to dominate the pharmaceutical market, which may cause problems both for national security and consumer safety:

Physical therapist prescribes Nintendo Wii time:

The WiFi act apparently is NOT going to be a problem for people with unsecured WiFi APs…it is targeted for ISPs:

Google is making its own devices and conducting testing for “white space” wireless devices:

Analysis on how Motorola would look if it was split up:

Echostar is splitting iteself into 2 companies as previously rumored, with Dish Network TV on one side and with its hardware (including Slingbox) on the other side:

Israeli study found that frequent cell phone use (22 hours per month or more) results in a significant increase in tumor chances:

A parrot mimics his owner’s cell phone ring just to mess with him–and laughs when he goes to answer his cell phone:


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