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December 10, 2007

LOTD for December 10

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Defense Secretary Gates points out the the new National Intelligence Estimate is not as positive towards Iran and its nuclear program as has been reported most places…and after reading everything I agree with a lot of what Secretary Gates said about Iran:

Interesting how a whole platoon of US soldiers “mutinied” in Iraq…and given the reasons behind it I’m glad that they did not go out on patrol and makes things worse!

Computers from China hacked into a nuclear weapons lab at Oak Ridge National Laboratory:

Airlines (first will be JetBlue) plan to give e-mail and IM access to WiFi laptops and Blackberry devices during flight:;_ylt=Aq7NCGdzXezPFHS_zLNIcT8jtBAF

Asian carriers want a piece of the 700 MHz spectrum auction? Hoping Google wants to partner with them?

Companies in China landed $3.18 billion in venture capital during the first 11 months of this year:

NextWave bought Websky, got 42 MHz of spectrum at 2.5 GHz in Argentina:

Earthlink paid a $5 mil penalty for being behind on their WiFi network construction and it looks like Houston is using the money well:

Interesting study that looked to quantify the benefit of being listed high in google searches:

Film Festival in Japan has 48 films to show, all of them filmed on cell phones:;_ylt=Ag1SgMAkO2n86WRzb3l27V4jtBAF

Interesting kid-friendly phone in Japan comes with a bracelet that acts as a remote control and as a locator that helps find the phone if it is lost:

Homemade YouTube video lands its singer a web ad with Dr. Pepper:


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