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December 11, 2007

LOTD for December 11

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Northrop has something interesting that they want to put inside of cruise missiles…special operations soldiers!

In a related story, here is an article abouit sending Marines into space to get them to their destination:

Apparently consumers aren’t aware that much of the Apple Juice sold here comes from China…we went from 4.5 mil gallons in 1996 to 250 mil gallons in 2005:

The Phillipines is buying a lot of hovercrafts for coastal security. The craft has a flying mode (110 km/h) and a hover mode (60 km/h):

Boeing put a high-energy laser on their laser gunship aircraft:

Somali pirates captured a Japanese boat and have threatened to kill its 23-person crew unless they got paid a $1 mil ransom. I would hate to be on a boat gonig anywhere near Somalia now with all of the pirate stuff going on!

The TSA is having prisoners in an Austin jail train the puppies that will be used as explosive detection dogs:

The Senate passed the extension of the R&D tax credit:

It looks like the CIA is serving as an example of what NOT to do for US corporate CIOs:

Apple must have enough iPhones in stock–they just raised the maximum number of iPhones that someone can buy from 2 to 5 iPhones:

Analyst report states that WiMAX will have 80 million subscribers in 2013…if they have enough devices made for WiMAX and if the services WiMAX can provide is different enough from the other options:

Analyst report predicts that India will have 21 million subscribers by 2014. 2014 is a long time from now!

Interesting analyst report on MIMO called “It’s the Antenna, Stupid!”

It looks like RFID is a solution to a tire safety problem that exists now:

The Nintendo Wii is so in demand right now that Nintendo has stopped all advertising in Europe…they have the problem that there is too much demand for their product and they want to reduce demand before Christmas! I can’t remember the last time a company tried to reduce demand of their product for the Christmas season!

Mobile gaming is $3.6 bil this year and is expected to hit $6 bil in 2011:


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