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December 13, 2007

LOTD for December 13

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An early warning system for earthquakes is being tested in California–such systems already exist in Japan and Europe. The computer predictions are so good that false alarms are rare:

Wow, Rudy Guiliani got $30 mil in one year for lobbying for one company (data mining company Seisint):,8599,1694093-1,00.html

I do not understand why the House is looking to require the Department of Defense to study global warming…aren’t other agencies more appropriate for that?

Sprint is changing the way that it charges fees…probably prompted by the class action lawsuit filed against it where it seemed to make people think that certain fees were taxes from the government (using the word “Federal” leaves that impressino), but all of it actually went to Sprint:

Sprint paid $57.5 mil to settle a class action lawsuit for how they combined their wireline and wireless stocks:

Palm is having trouble with their sales and will be laying off a significant portion of their workforce:

Marvell’s most recent addition to their board of directors was added 7 weeks ago…and that guy quit last week:

Earthlink is WAY over budget for its Philly WiFi network and won’t say when it will be finished:

Denver has the first airport to get 11n coverage:

Denver had its airport WiFi network change from a pay system to a free (advertiser-supported) system, and without even advertising the fact that it was free it found a 10x increase in the use of the airport WiFi system. Meru Network provides the APs:

The municipal WiFi network in Tempe has only 500 subscribers but someone wants to buy it:

Forbes has a long article about celebrities and their cell phones…and found that a surprisingly small number of celebrities use the iPhone:

Analyst report says that Apple is coming out with 2 new iPhones, with the 3G version coming out in the 2nd half of next year:

A student at Frostburg State was playing the online game Call of Duty 4 and made a comment about shooting up the school…and now could face 2 years in prison for what he said during the game:


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