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December 17, 2007

LOTD for December 17

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Congress passed a bill to ban gang members from being in the military…it is NOT forbidden now and apparently there have been problems by having active gang members in the military:

Deal by David Letterman could help rapidly end the writers’ strike that is shutting down Hollywood:

Instead of trying to settle the strike, Leno and Conan will cross the picket lines on January 2:

I can’t believe that the lady on Survivor lied about her employer firing her from her job! She got the Survivor head person to write her a check for $50k because she said that she was fired from her lunch lady job because she went on Survivor!

Chinese scientists made a breakthrough in quantum communications:

The Silver Lake and Elysian resevoirs had to be shut down and drained due to contamination:

The iPhone is expected to be the major target for hackers in 2008:

This analyst thinks that Sprint and Clearwire will get back together soon:

Qualcomm just bought Softmax…Softmax is actually located in the building where I interviewed at my previous company! That was the address for the company when I was hired…

In 2002, only 22% of people in the US googled themselves…that is up to 47% now:

Programmers are having problems keeping up with the faster processors coming out now:

Coke, Pepsi, and Budweiser are all going to aluminum bottles:

Looks like the Wii is one of the hardest things to find this Christmas…just like last year. Amazing that the sales last month were even more than the sales last December for the Wii! I guess they always sell out, so the key is that they make more now:

Forbes has an article about how Wii sales are amazing:

I cannot believe that this window washer fell 47 stories and LIVED:


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