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December 18, 2007

LOTD for December 18

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By the way, if anyone reading this has Dish Network service, you can call them up and ask for Cinemax for ONE CENT per year for 2 years! The fine print is that you cannot have had Cinemax for the last 6 months and you have to sign up for autopay and paperless billing. Since we already had autopay and paperless billing, a quick phone call got us Cinemax for 2 years (including the High-Def channel!) for two pennies.

2007 was the first year that US households spent more on cell phone service than on landline phone service:

More than 2 trillion text messages are expected to be sent next year!

UCSD graduate student designed “Gizmo”, a robotic device that can save lives by collecting and transmitting in real time the data that emergency personnel (firefighters, police, etc.) need:

The latest lawsuit against Vonage (this time from Nortel) may end up being more than Vonage can take:

Fortune magazine has an interesting feature on the 101 dumbest moments in business:

Instead of sharing a channel, both Noggin and N will get their own channels starting in 2008:


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