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December 19, 2007

LOTD for December 19

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Drug traffickers in Brazil opened fire on a helicopter piloted by a man dressed as Santa who was going to a children’s party! The Santa survived…and took a car to deliver the presents to the party:

Spokesman for the Japanese government declares that UFOs exist and now there is a debate over what Japan should do if/when the UFOs are discovered:

iRobot got a $286 mil IDIQ contract from the Army:

The backstory on this contract is that the Army initially awarded the contract to Robotic FX…but it turns out that the Robotic FX guy stole iRobot’s trade secrets:

Interesting story about how a Blackwater person shot the New York Times’ dog in Iraq:

But the Blackwater guy claimed the next day that the New York Times’ dog attacked him and he was just defending himself…and he has the bite marks to prove it!

This is a classic example of wasteful military spending…it would be funny if it wasn’t $514 mil wasted!

There are a LOT of bidders for the upcoming 700 MHz auction:

Story on Honda’s interesting humanoid robot:

50,000 people in Taiwan are creating a Christmas tree by the light of their cell phones, flashlights, and colored sticks:

Wearing a pink bikini got this soldier a day in jail:


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