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January 11, 2008

LOTD for January 11

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Anyone born after 12/1/64 has to get a new secure drivers license in the next 6 years:

Breakthrough on magnets may lead to better electric cars in the future:

First human-to-human bird flu case reported:

The Coast Guard asked Lockheed and Northrop for a $96.1 mil refund due to the Deepwater program problems:

Duke researchers found that it is possible to make a 3-D “invisibility cloak” for sound:

M/A-COM system has problems in testing…is their $2 bil contract with New York in jeopardy?

75 passengers on a flight from Israel to Toronto were quarantined because several fell ill with the Noro virus:

48 teams representing some of the best and brightest students across the US will be competing in the FIRST LEGO Ohio State Championship Tournament, sponsored in part by the Air Force Research Laboratory:

Australia is making a huge wind farm–1 Gigawatt peak power! That wind farm will produce enough electricity for 400,000 households!

OpenMoko’s Open Source mass market phone with slide show:

US prisoners pay over $1 bil per year for phone calls! Carriers charge them a LOT more than normal because they are a captive audience (yes, that was a bad pun):

Nintendo sponsors the Australian Open, with a Wii sports expert getting to play tennis vs. tennis pro Mark Philippoussis:


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