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January 12, 2008

LOTD for January 12

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Amazing that this 94-year-old woman just gave up driving…after driving for 82 years she went 600.000 miles without a ticket or an accident!

Amazing story about how firefighters rescued a 6-year-old boy in 1963 and how he is now a Chicago firefighter who was recently assigned to Battalion 5…the outfit that saved him!,0,590960.column

This guy is a true human calculator…13th root of a 200-digit number in just 70.2 seconds!

16-year-old boy in Iceland somehow got Pres. Bush’s top-secret private phone number and successfully pretended he was Iceland’s President. Interesting that Wikipedia gave him the info to answer security’s questions to verify he actually was Iceland’s President:

This poor guy was locked in the bathroom of a bowling alley for FOUR DAYS, suvirving the freezing cold and having just tap water to sustain him:

Divorce is bad for the planet–Americans consumed $10.5 billion more in water and electricity due to the additional households created by divorce:

This is an old (one month) study, but I found it interesting that military families jhave basically the same view of Iraq as the general population:,0,4843202.story?coll=la-home-center

Interesting that they may have found a biological reason for anorexia (hormones in the womb):

Women comprise 35% of the boards of Norway’s 500 largest companies…and less than 15% of the US’s 500 largest companies. Norway passed a law that every company had to scramble to be able to be in compliance:

Oregon high school teacher sued for the right to bring a gun to school…she eventually lost in court but might appeal:

Kind of funny how a disgruntled Belgium citizen put the *country* up for sale on eBay…with bidding reaching $14 mil before eBay canceled the auction:

Man choking on an onion ring while driving has his life saved when he crashes his car and his airbag dislodges the onion ring:

Amazing that there is a professional service in France to help adulterers deceive their spouses. For an additional fee the company even arranges for rooms and gifts for the mistress:

US Census Bureau reported that 48% of Asian immigrants in the US have at least a bachelor’s degree, where only 27% of native-born Americans have such a degree:

Microchips are commonly implanted in pets and have started to be implanted in people…but a study found that they could cause cancer:

A growing number of Americans are actually living off what most of us call garbage…and even giving tours to others about how they do it:


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