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January 13, 2008

LOTD for January 13

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Astronomers have discovered a solar system with a group of planets similar to in our solar system, so close that is visible from Earth:

Adult and high school smoking rates had been declining each year…from 1997 until 2004, when they have stayed the same or even increased slightly:

Interesting that men get served 20 seconds faster than women in coffee shops according to this study:

Rancho Cordova, CA residents were pulled over during the Holidays by police…when they were *following* the law, with the cops giving them $5 Starbucks gift cards:

Interesting that there is a company in California that rents pets to executives and other professionals who want to rent pets instead of own them:

Pretty funny that a video on YouTube caught when a Venezuelan government official was questioned about how he was denouncing capitalism while wearing Gucci shoes and a Louis Vuitton tie. The government official just stammered when the journalist interrupted him to ask the question:

Dutch teenager stole $5000 worth of virtual furniture from a virtual hotel in an online game…he put that virtual furniture into his virtual hotel, but the cops got him:

Manhattan restaurant added a $25,000 dessert as a publicity stunt…but was shut down shortly afterwards after failing their second health inspection due to mice, flies, and cockroaches:

A failing school in Nottingham made itself into something like Hogwarts from the Harry Potter books and go from the bottom 25% of British schools to the TOP 25% of British schools:

I know kids who have been diagnosed with ADHD…thankfully, this study found that half of the kids diagnosed with ADHD will grow out of it:,1,3276832.story

Woman Christmas shopping drops an envelope with $770 in cash…the widowed unemployed nurse who found it turned it in and it got back to the woman (who is on disability) who found it:

5-year-old chimp beat college students in a computer game that tested short-term memory:

Colorado couple sue the police because more than 3 dozen of their pot plants were dead when the police returned them:


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