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January 14, 2008

LOTD for January 14

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AT&T is considering blocking ALL internet traffic from its pipes:

Huge backlog of patent applications is a big problem worldwide. Also, some European businesses have stopped trying to patent things because of Chinese piracy problems:

Earlier today we had the first flyby of Mercury in 33 years…hope everything went well for the desk-sized spacecraft!

The iPhone is bring a LOT of traffic to Google…iPhones are just 2% of smartphones but can account for more traffic to Google than ANY other smartphone!

Looks like China Mobile didn’t give in to Apple’s revenue demands for the iPhone…talks are off:

Rumor is that Apple will include WiMAX on their next laptop:

Russia is a big potential WiMAX market, with 75% of Russians not able to get even dial-up:

Clearwire is calling their layoffs “redeplyments”:

Looks like Sprint’s WiMAX service will not be an unlimited data service:

Verizon collected over 1 million used phones last year…and seems to be putting them to good use:

This computer security expert explains why he leaves his WiFi AP unsecured:

Warner Bros. switch from HD-DVD to Blu-ray means that an even bigger DVD source may be releasing movies for Blu-ray soon:,2704,2247595,00.asp


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