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January 15, 2008

LOTD for January 15

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I like how this reporter slipped in a quote from me and gave a plug to ACRi:

Genetic tinkering allows the life span of yeast to be increased 10x…with implications for extending human life times:

States are scrambling for stem-cell scientists:

A couple of years ago Duke researchers figured out how to have monkeys control robot arms *with their mind*:

Now, those researchers have figured out how to have monkey’s control robots and move them around with their mind:

Check out the video:

And these researchers have a patent for mind controlled weapons:

In an unrelated topic, the “Filipino Monkey” is being blamed for the supposed threats from Iranian ships last week:

Pretty amazing how some fans made cars to look like Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica vehicles…and they actually can drive those cars to work!

The “giant egg” radar system on its way to Hawaii will apparently have a 500 foot security zone around it:

The military wants to run a total immersion terrorism course, with a private contractor simulating terrorist training:

Looks like the US is going to sell $20 bil worth of advanced military equipment to Saudi Arabia:

First Google Android Smartphone demonstrated:

43 BILLION text messages were sent on New Year’s Eve. The Phillipines has just 50 million people and sent 1.39 billion text messages on New Year’s Eve!

For the first time in a long time, this Christmas Amazon beat eBay:

Stolen laptop may cost the Tennessee government $1 mil in identity theft protection:

Microsoft will provide virtual access to the Library of Congress:

The UK government has told its school system NOT to use Windows Vista or Office 2007 and to stay away from Microsoft’s document format. They prefer Open Document Format:

Sprint laid off 5,000 workers last year and is doing to lay off a couple thousand more soon, plus the new CEO may move their headquarters from Reston, VA to Kansas:

Here is the list of bidders for the 700 MHz spectrum auction, including Google, Chevron, Guam Cellular, in addition to the more conventional wireless providers:

Clearwire teams with Google to offer Gmail, GoogleTalk, and other Google applications to Clearwire customers:

This report criticizes the US for not enables cell phones to be used during flights like other countries will allow soon:

Elevator will send a text message to the maintenance people if it breaks down:


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